Practice areas:

- Distribution law
- Competition law
- Merger law
- Advertising law and
..promotion of sales


Scope of involvement:

- Counsel
- Litigation
- Training



Competition law

Tariffs policy: price lists, tariffs and general terms and conditions of sale, general terms and conditions of purchase, invoicing, price differentiation, commercial negotiation, immediate rebates and differed discounts, “cooperation commerciale” (budgets paid by suppliers to retailers in exchange of services)…

Anti-competitive practices: concerted practices, abuse of a dominant position, abuse of a state of economic dependency, abusively low prices and claims for ensuing compensation.

Restrictive practices: delisting budgets, budgets without a proportionate compensation, resale at a loss, imposed prices…

Unlawful competition and free riding.

Assisting with dawnraids (French or European Community Competition authorities investigations).