Practice areas:

- Distribution law
- Competition law
- Merger law
- Advertising law and
..promotion of sales


Scope of involvement:

- Counsel
- Litigation
- Training



Distribution law

Distribution networks: franchising, networks, selective distributorship agreements, exclusive and non exclusive distributorship agreements, agency agreements…

Specific distributorship agreements: commercial agents, brokers, corners …

Supplier-retailer relationships: central purchasing and listing agency, listing agreements, partnership agreements, manufacturing agreements, supply agreements…

Service providers’ agreements, logistic and hiring agreements…

Termination of distributorship agreements, breach of commercial relationships and delisting.

Trade of products: product regulation, labelling, intellectual property rights, suppliers and retailers brand products, frauds and falsifications, product liability, parallel imports…

Consumer relationships: fidelity cards, information on prices, distance selling, door-to-door selling, tie-ins, refusals to sell